Sandra Winther, a NY-based Film Director that happens to be simultaneously, effortlessly chic and wildly creative. Winther has worked with Opening Ceremony, NYFW, and many more. Read more to see how she wears her Alix bodysuit.


Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: Laid back but thought out. I like to wear quite masculine things like oversized jackets and sneakers, but mixing it with something feminine - long suit pants or a skirt, a bodysuit or silk top and gold jewelry.
Q: What is most important to you about your clothing?
A: That I feel good in it and that they represent me. I spend a lot time by my self when working on my videos - sometimes I'm painting, other times I'm shooting or editing. I can't be creative if I'm wearing heels and a skirt, I feel better wearing an old Versace jacket and Nike Huaraches. 
Q: How do you wear your Alix bodysuit? 
A: I like to wear my bodysuit with wide legged suit pants, sneakers and a gold chain.


Sandra is wearing Mikoh Body in black.